Friday, August 5, 2011

Completing Darting Minnows

First, the true confession. I have not yet completed updating my help documents, but I have 8 more days of work, so I have plenty of time. And the slacking was for a worthy cause!

Next, the exciting announcement. According to the stats page here in Blogger, my blog had more than 70 visits yesterday! This is a new record. The down side of this is that I'm feeling a bit of pressure to be witty and brilliant - and I'm not really either of those.

I have completed the Darting Minnows block. I thought maybe I would post the pictures along with some deep thoughts (just kidding) I had while I was completing it. If you haven't yet looked at the pictures in yesterday's post to see where we are, I strongly suggest it before you read any further. Or not.

Below is step one for today. When I first started quilting, if I was joining a triangle to a square or rectangle, I would try to ease the triangle in to fit and then I would have problems. Now, I fold the square in half and crease it. I do the same with the triangle, and then I match the folds so that the top angle of the triangle is centered with the square.This is easier if you have folded them so that one fold nestles inside of the other one - fold one right sides together and the other wrong sides together to accomplish this.

You may have noticed that I didn't trim the dog ears off yet. I always wait until the whole unit is completed before I do that.

Dog ears trimmed!

Then the next strip is constructed.

Then the three strips are joined and the block is complete.

I'm thinking the corner squares might have been interesting if they had been fussy cut. And I have to admit that this isn't the bright colors I really prefer, but I am not disappointed with how it turned out.

Just so you don't think that I have been working at my job, I have averaged one student a day for help, which is pretty good for summer term. And I am nearly half done with the documentation. I even added documentation for some things that weren't previously there.

Today I pick up my sewing machine. That is a good thing.

Quilt on!