Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Darting Minnows

Yes! I found my 120 Blocks book! Therefore, I have cut out the next block which is called Darting Minnows. I haven't started stitching it yet, but I did do a little research on it. Here is what I found!

In Jinny Beyer's Book, this block shows up with the name Sun Rays Quilt (Kansas City Star, April 26, 1939), but also shows up as Darting Minnows (Nancy Page, Birmingham News, April 27, 1943). These are identical blocks, but, since the center square is not set on point, they are not identical to the block I am making. (That on point thing is the only difference, however.) You can see an example of what those blocks might look like in a quilt here.

I also found an original pattern called Darting Minnows from The Quilter's Cache that doesn't really look like the block I'm making. If you want to see what my block will look like, there is a barn with a Darting Minnows block on it. It even has the center block on point! I like the colors they chose too, although I stuck with Christmas fabric for mine.

Since I'm working this week and next week and the week after, maybe I'll actually get this assembled! We can only hope. But of course, first I have to get the help documents updated so I have done my job to the best of my ability until someone else actually comes and asks for help.