Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Finish!

I only have a minute to post this so I will just mention here that I finished the first guest room quilt! Yay! Of course, I still have one to go (more about that later, after the pictures) and neither of these was in my Quilty Resolutions list - but when I made that, I didn't know that I'd have a guest room of my own, so that is understandable.

On to the pictures. First, the quilt hanging over the railing overnight to be sure it is really dry.

Next, in its natural habitat. Yes, maybe I should have made it a little longer. (What can I say, I was winging it.)

Now, about the next quilt. Do I do exactly the same thing or do I use Split Rail instead of Nine Patch blocks? Any opinions out there? Split Rail would be much faster, but I'm not sure if I would want such big strips of the very different fabrics next to each other. It might be a bit much even with the Snow Fairy Frost there. Sigh. At least they start out the same way, so I can work at it even while I make up my mind. With your help, I hope.

Quilt on!