Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plan for the Day and Purchasing Update

This doesn't sound very quilty so far, but we'll see how it goes.

Last week was the week of purchasing research. First there was the sewing machine problem. Luckily (you'll see why I say that in a minute), the repair estimate came in at under $100, making that decision a no brainer. My machine is due back to me tomorrow.

Then we had a night of thunderstorms with more electricity than I think I have ever seen. Our power went out after 20 minutes or so of flickering off and on. I was sure that our 11-year-old fridge was going to die after that. (All the other appliances are also 11 years old - except the microwave - but they are all easier to live without!) Twelve hours later the power returned and everything was fine.

Last Friday was going to be a fun day straightening my quilting area, handquilting, and cutting (okay, not so fun that part). Then we took our old minivan in for a routine maintenance, and our luck ran out. Suddenly, Friday was car shopping day! Ugh! But the end of that story is that we now own a new Chevy Cruze (2012!) which is a lot more fun to drive and gets much better gas mileage. One of my friends pointed out that it is one more step toward empty nesting.

So, today I will do what I was going to do on Friday! I am looking forward to it so much.