Saturday, September 24, 2011

150 Post Celebration! Share the Memories!

As I was contemplating doing something special for my 150th post, I got an email from Liz for My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software inviting me to try out their software, review it on my blog, and give away a copy. (See the end of this post for the giveaway details.) Liz also provided me with a coupon code for those of you who want the software but aren't the lucky winners. I'll give you that code at the end of this review.

As part of this invitations, I was provided with a free copy to try. Now, I need to tell you that I am not a scrapbooker. I am thrilled to rearrange fabric in all sorts of positions, but I am not a scrapbooker. I have made a couple of photo books using iPhoto, but I'm just not that kind of creative. I have, however, often thought that it would be more likely that I would make scrapbooks if I could make digital scrapbooks, so I thought trying out this digital scrapbooking software would be fun! I was especially pleased, as a diehard Mac user, to find that there was a Mac version - if there hadn't been, of course, you would not be reading this.

I was very excited to try all the templates and features of this software. There are lots of templates in the software and even more available on the website for download - some free, some pay. There are some gorgeous add-ons available for this software.

First, the eye candy. Here are pictures of the pages of the first scrapbook I made:

I chose the above template because it looked very quilty to me and very clean. And it does look like a 12 patch block. I also like the fact that there are areas for journaling in each template. And that you can edit the templates to make them exactly like you want them.

Making the files for the above pictures was very easy using the My Memories Suite. Actually, making the scrapbook was very easy and fun, except for one problem which is probably caused by changes in Apple's iPhoto since this software was released in 2009. Adding pictures on a Mac is very slow if the only place you have your pictures stored is in iPhoto. Sometime between the writing of the My Memories software and today, Apple changed how you find the pictures stored in iPhoto. Because of this, if you double click on the page template to insert a picture, you can't get to your pictures. You can still drag and drop from iPhoto, but it is very slow. (It is even slower if Time Machine is running, but that is an easier fix.) Once I tried to make a page moving the pictures to the desktop, it went much quicker, and I was very satisfied with my results even when it took so long.

I also made this pretend (and kind of ugly) design wall page using blocks I've made from the 120 Blocks project. I didn't try arranging them very carefully. I should have, but I just wanted to try making a template from scratch and pretending to make a design wall. I probably wouldn't really use this software for that, because I have QuiltPro, but it was a fun project.

Yes, it needs sashing or something. I know.

So, would I recommend this digital scrapbooking software? Yes, it is fun and easy to use. I do think it needs a bit of updating, but even so the process is emjoyable and the design options are endless. You can add music and video and make an interactive scrapbook that you can send to friends and loved ones on a DVD. I haven't tried that yet, but the possibility of using it as a Christmas card substitute is very tempting. Very tempting. Oh dear, I've given myself a possible new project. If you want to purchase your own copy (either without waiting for the giveaway or if you don't win the giveaway), here is the Coupon Code: STMMMS17074. Just go to the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking page, choose the software tab, then My Memories Suite, add it to your cart and put the code STMMMS17074 into the Enter Coupon/Promo Code box. You will get $10 off your purchase + a $10 coupon to use in the My Memories store! You can get some of those gorgeous kits and templates to expand your scrapbooking options.

I know I haven't even begun to tell you about all the options in this software. And I know that my iPhoto discussion may sound like I didn't like the software - but I did. And if you are a Mac user with an older version of iPhoto, you probably won't have the problems I did. All that being said, on to the giveaway rules.

In order to enter the giveaway, please go explore and then come back and leave a comment here telling me which of the Album Templates you think you would use first and which of the Digital Scrapbooking Kits you like best. For an extra entry, go to the MyMemories Blog, and then come back here an tell me one thing you learned from the blog. For a third entry, you can go to MyMemories Facebook Page and like it and then come back and tell me you did. That's three chances to win, either the Mac or Windows version. Please make sure that you take care of all this by 6 pm on Sunday, October 2 in order to be entered in the giveaway. I will use the lovely Random Number Generator and announce the winner by Monday, October 3. And if you are not the lucky winner, there is always the coupon code above!

I'd like to thank MyMemories for providing me with a fun way to celebrate my 150th blog post!