Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Being Fiscally Responsible Is No Fun

No, this is not a political post. But it is about money or the lack thereof. At least, it is after I show you what I did while I was at work yesterday. After all, what is a post without some fabricy pictures?

I confess that I actually spent most of my work time working today. I even had a student to help so that was fun. However, I did get a chance to start the Dolley Madison's Star block. I managed to sew together these three:

and eight of these:

Now back to our announced topic. 

Last Friday I ventured out to a nearby quilt store that sells Berninas, because there is a Bernina sales event going on and the store was offering 15% off yardage and they have a great selection of batiks. I purchased some lovely batiks and decided that I'm pretty sure I can live without a Bernina (unless I win one somehow or am gifted with one). That was a very good thing since I don't really need a new machine since mine was repaired. 

Since I was running a bit early to  meet my husband, I stopped into the local Janome and Brother and BabyLock shop. I told myself it is always good to have some kind of idea of what is out there in case of a machine emergency. I had used a Janome Horizon in my class in Paducah this spring and had been quite impressed, but it is more machine than I really need (and more money than I really need to spend!). So I wanted to see what else was available. (Maybe you have an idea where this is going.)

I didn't find a Janome that I thought might be perfect for me. I did however find this, the Brother Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-is NX2000. Special pricing in effect this week because of the American Sewing Expo happening in a city near me. And a rebate (that supposedly has been extended through the Expo) for a Project Runway Serger. 

Very exciting, no? But we just bought living room furniture and a car and DisneyWorld tickets to be used next year and a TV, and I know that we do not have an extra $2000 for a new sewing machine or two. I tried very hard to rationalize it and everything. ("I could probably sell the $800 serger for at least $500." "This could be my birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Valentine's Day gift for ______ years." "I would save the money I spend on sending my quilts out to be longarmed, because it would be easier to do it myself with that machine.") And it didn't really matter. I couldn't let myself do it. Sigh. 

So, being fiscally responsible is no fun.