Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Pictures, Different Quilt

Remember that I promised pictures of my new cutting table, assembled by me? Well here is a picture of said cutting table with this year's church quilt on it. I used the cutting table to mark the quilt.

The center for this quilt was donated to our church already assembled. I must confess that although the workmanship is gorgeous and I like stars, I wasn't feeling this quilt until the borders were added.

Above is a close-up of the border crosshatching. I did this using a soapstone marker. It has a 100% washable graphite refill also which I used to mark in the gold sashing below. I am pretty confident that the graphite will really wash out because it rinsed right off my hand. (My only complaint about this marking tool was how easily the graphite refills broke - but it was very soft graphite, so.....

The motif marked below was done with my Pounce chalk marker. I really like marking with chalk, at least white chalk, because you know it will wash out. But it also rubs off and sinks into the fabric so that is an inconvenience.

Today four other women from church and I met to layer this quilt. Now that it is all sandwiched up, I need to rearrange the basement some more and get it on the frame before Monday, so that we can start the really fun quilting part!