Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Am I Nuts?

  • No, not because I am looking at's new interface and wondering what in the world is going on here. 
  • Not because I am currently sitting here blogging instead of rearranging the basement/studio or putting the borders on the church quilt. 
  • Not because I am not handquilting right now or sewing my Split Rail Lattice quilt. 
  • Not because...well, you get the idea.
"Why, then?" you ask. (Or maybe you don't!)

Let me tell you. I think I may be nuts because this is what I have chosen as my first foray into paper piecing. (Well, maybe it was kind of chosen for me!) Not only that, I need to turn it into a queen sized quilt so I have spent quite a bit of time figuring out which pieces I will need more of to get it to a size that can become queen sized by adding borders.

So, yes, I am feeling overwhelmed by that challenge so I'm not getting anything done right now.

I did, however, get the cutting table assembled last night. It actually went pretty smoothly. Pictures will follow later.

Okay, I have vented. Now I will get to work.