Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Day, Another....

Yesterday I did not quite finish Block 8 of the American Beauty BOM. But I'm down to needing to sew only two more seams, so that is a good thing! It's amazing how huge this block seems to me. I guess when you have been working with 9 1/2 inch blocks, 12 1/2 inches really is large! So here are the pictures.

The above picture is not of the same pieces as I posted last week. These are the reverse of those!

Then I added little white squares (above) and then added those to the four pieces I had assembled last week so that I had four of the squares in the picture below.

Next I made the four strips above. And joined two of them with another light green square to make the long strip below.

The other two were used to join two of the pieced squares pictured above so that I have two units like the one in the picture below.

Today I will (hopefully) put it all together and be done with Block 8. I may even get a chance to post a picture of the finished product later. (And, if I get downstairs to cut some before I go to work today, I may even get a chance to start the Double Dutch block.)

Quilt on!