Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Progress But No Finish

 I did make some progress today at work on this Block Number 10. However, I didn't have a finish because I actually had work to do at work today, and a meeting to go to, and that just kind of prevented much sewing. I do, however, have pictures of what I did get done. You may remember that I mentioned that this block has 40+ pieces, so it does make some sense I'm not done yet on it yet. On to the pictures!

I'm still getting used to using my iPhone's camera, so these are still not very even. I think next week I will attempt to use something other than my desk as the background and see if that helps.

Oh, look, half square triangles sewn together to make squares!

And joined to checkered squares!

Also, some are joined to some green squares.

Next I will put it all together, either here at home or at work next week. I am anxious to see it all finished. Then I will put together the next of the 120 blocks, Double Four Patch. That should be a quick one!