Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Ramblings

I tend not to post if I don't have cool pictures to show, and I don't today, but I thought I'd just take a minute and post a few thoughts.

First thought, when I made my 2011 resolutions in January, I did not expect so many new quilts to jump into my life - 2 quilts for the guest bedroom, a baby quilt, and a wedding quilt for my niece! (Not to mention the MOPS quilt for our church auction.) And, of course, sometime down the road, I'd like to make a quilt for my bedroom! Whew! How does this happen?

Next thought, a scary one kind of, my sewing machine seems to be headed toward reverting to its pre-repair ways! Noooooooo! Maybe I'm just really bad at tension. Anyway, in spite of fiddling with the upper tension, my stitches are starting to look bad again. Maybe I should have bought that new machine after all! And how am I going to get this baby quilt quilted if the stitches are all sucky. (Yes, that is a very technical term!)

I have been catching up on my podcast listening and was very thrilled to hear Allison talking about me in the SeamedUp podcast, Episode 7. I've heard my name in podcasts before when I've left comments, but this was different and I felt like a celebrity! (Yeah, I'm kind of easy that way.) So that was fun.

Just thought I would share some Sunday morning rambling thoughts! Have a great day and a good week!

And quilt on!