Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frustration Strikes

Okay, it really isn't anything serious. I just feel like I could have completed today's American Beauty BOM if I had picked up all of my pieces instead of leaving the dark pink squares at home. But if I had brought all the pieces, I wouldn't be blogging right now - I'd be finishing my block. I guess that's the good news, bad news. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

Actually this block seems to be somehow jinxed. I did Block 10 last week, and as I was stacking all the blocks and counting them, I only got 9 blocks. That did not make sense. For a while I was a little concerned that I might have lost a block, but when I went to the box I keep these in for the block to cut for today, I found that Block 9 was in there. I don't know if it hid last week when I grabbed Block 10 but... Then I couldn't find one of the templates while I was cutting out the block pieces. Luckily the shapes are printed on the instructions in case there are people who don't want to purchase the templates! So, leaving some of the pieces at home is just another evidence that this block did not wish to be made. On to the pictures!

Below is step one. I call this putting hats on little rectangles. (Not really, but...just giddy, I guess.)

Now step two shows us our first glimpse of something frustrating - checkers that are not straight or even and can't be lined up to look perfect! I actually cut that square trying to line up along the edge of one green line, and it still looks crooked. GRRRRRR!

The other two rectangles with hats got wings!

And then all the pieces decided to make a square. (Trust me, if there were an iron here, it would look more like a square.)

Then I added white rosebud strips. And discovered that I didn't have the pieces for the next step with me. Sigh!

I'm hoping those pieces are safely at home and I can just pack them up for tomorrow. If I get time, I'll cut the next of the 120 blocks and bring it too. Maybe I'll get two finishes tomorrow.

Quilt on!