Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Finishes for the Church Auction

Friday night is our church's auction to raise money for missions. Each year some of the women of the church make a quilt which is the highlight of the auction. For the past 5 quilts (counting this year's quilt), I have been the "quilt project manager." Most years, this has me recruiting people who have never made a quilt block to sew together blocks from kits, and then hosting hand quilting in my basement/family room.

This year was a bit different. First, the main body of the quilt top was donated by a church member's mother, so no blocks had to be made. We just added borders, layered, and quilted the quilt. This is what this year's quilt looks like:

It is a star sampler quilt in Christmas fabric, which I have named Ruby's Christmas Star, after the woman who made it. It's twin-sized, and I will attempt to take and post pictures of the quilting in a later post. We got quite elaborate with some of the quilting.

In January of this year, one of the coordinators of our church's MOPS program, asked if the women there could make some blocks for the auction quilt during their craft time one day. I had to tell her that we were not making the main body of the quilt, so we decided that they would piece a child's quilt instead. So, the following quilt was hand pieced and then tied (thanks to my friend Maureen). You have seen some pictures of this quilt previously - as I griped about the panel earlier this year.