Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catch Up Post

I did get some sewing done the last day or so of work this week, but there was no time for blogging afterward. And I didn't finish the block. Here are the pictures:

There is another set of four like the above pairs sewn a bit differently. They are the ones that were joined to my Drunkard's Path sections below.

The above section is the only one of the four like it that I have managed to complete yet. I will attempt to complete the block before too many more days have passed, but I make no guarantees. Today is busy with my youngest daughter's graduation as she receives the MSW she has been working on so hard. Then cleaning for tomorrow's visit by my great niece and her parents and grandparents. I should probably grocery shop also because we are sadly lacking in food here. And today is our 34th anniversary!

Quilt on!