Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011 and Random Thoughts

Since this is the end of 2011, it is time to evaluate my 2011 Quilty Resolutions.  So, here goes!
  1. Finish the Big UFO in my basement. Good news: There has been significant progress made. Bad news: It is not done yet and becomes 2012 Quilty Resolutions #1.
  2. Finish the photo quilt - Completed last February!
  3. Finish the American Beauty BOM - Well, I am almost done with block 12, the last block - but there is still much to do before it is a completed quilt. This becomes 2012 Quilty Resolutions #2.
  4. Go to the Paducah AQS show - Completed and enjoyed! Due to my work schedule it may be a while before I go to Paducah again, but in 2012 there is a show in Grand Rapids, MI which is not too far away.
  5. Finish the quilt for my husband - didn't even touch it. I have decided that that one needs to wait until I learn something about Free Motion Quilting before I attempt it. I probably won't even move this to the 2012 list. He doesn't really know it exists anyway.
  6. Things I did that were not on the Quilty Resolutions List - started two quilts to go on the twin beds in the guest room and completed one. Organized the two quilts for the church auction. Bought a new sewing machine. Began studio reorganization. 
I guess this brings us to 2012's resolutions.
  1. Finish the big UFO in my basement.
  2. Complete the quilt for my niece's May wedding.
  3. Finish the American Beauty BOM.
  4. Complete the studio organization.
  5. Learn something about FMQ and quilt at least one small project.
  6. Complete the second twin quilt for the guest room.
Numbers 2, 3, and 6 will be quilted by a longarmer unless a miracle happens and I really take to FMQ. Just saying. I enjoy quilting by hand too much.

On the bright side (maybe) - I only have 6 UFOs! I think that is pretty cool. Unless the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM (which I haven't even started) counts, in which case I have 7. And one of those is a table runner which I am planning to use to fulfill #5. So....