Friday, December 9, 2011

Life's Disappointments (Sorry, long post.)

Here is a tale I didn't want to tell, but I will. I guess I didn't pay anything so I didn't really lose money, but I am still very disappointed.

Back in October I got the following email from the FabShop Hop. (You may remember that I have previously won $10 gift certificates and found some interesting shops along the way.)

Congratulations!  You are the prize winner from the August FabShop Hop.

We are proud to announce that you are a $100 Bonus Prize winner from the August FabShop Hop.  Nothing makes us feel better than knowing a loyal Hopper such as you was selected as one of our winners.

We have notified at that you are the winner of thier $100 Bonus Prize.
They will contact you with instructions on how you can redeem your promotional prize!

Regular shipping charges and any applicable sales taxes apply to your prize redemption and are not covered by the shop.
The $100 bonus prize is non-transferable and has no cash value.

Your bonus prize expires on Friday, Novermber 4, 2011.

You may contact with any questions you may have at:

555 Eastwood Circle
Providence, UT  84332

Phone: (435) 881-4198
Fax: Unknown

You will find your name on the list of prize winners at

Be sure to tell your friends so they can go and see that you are famous!  And remind them to participate in the October FabShop Hop,
and of course, we want you to come back and hop again.  Our prize drawings are random from all the qualifying entries, so
you have just as good a chance to win again next time.

Please join us for the October Hop taking place right now!


Laurie Harsh
The Fabric Shop Network Inc.
...the trade organization for independent quilt and fabric retailers!

As you may imagine, I waited anxiously for my email to arrive, but it never came. I went to the store's website and filled out the contact form. Still nothing. I called the store's phone number and spoke to the nicest person - I think it was Tami herself. She said she must have missed the email from FabShop Hop, took my phone number and said she would text me instructions on how to redeem my gift certificate once she had spoken to her tech person.

And that was the last I heard. And, of course, now it is way past the redemption date.  I tried phoning again and went straight to voicemail. I left a message. Nothing. I emailed the shop again. Nothing. I emailed FabShop Hop, but have had not heard from them again yet. Sigh.

I am very disappointed!