Saturday, January 14, 2012

Next December's Auction Quilt

As readers of this blog may remember, I am sort of the quilt project manager for our church's annual Lottie Moon Auction Quilt. This involves getting started about now in order to have it pieced and hand quilted by the first Friday in December. (Well, I really prefer to have it completed by the Sunday before Thanksgiving so we can show the completed quilt in church.)

Last week a few of us got together to choose the pattern for this year's quilt (and go out to lunch). This is the pattern we chose  - Woven Links. Of course, it is not a queen-sized quilt so math is involved. And to avoid having to cut with a template (which we all know I hate) I edited the block so that it is made of mostly half square triangles. And the colors were not exactly conducive to a bed quilt so we will be changing those. And here comes the first question: Setting squares in the light color as in the original or in the border color? Here are a couple of pictures that show the choices (please note that these colors are not the quilt colors.

So which do you like better? Care to weigh in? Would it help if you saw a picture of the actual fabric? Here it is:

The top fabric is the fabric for the block center squares and the borders. The second fabric from top is the light fabric for the blocks. Does that help with the setting squares choice?