Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Update

The verbal, Facebook, and comment votes are overwhelmingly for the lighter setting triangles as shown in the last post. So lighter setting triangles it will be! It is a gorgeous fabric, so I will enjoy seeing some larger pieces of it in the quilt.

In case anyone is interested, the next step will be ironing and cutting, just like in an individual quilt. (I already washed these fabrics.) I will do most of the cutting, because since most of it is half square triangles and I purchased an Accuquilt Go! die for cutting those. I think I'll hand the border cutting off to someone else.

Once the HSTs are all cut, I will make triangle kits to hand out to people to sew together the pairs of HSTs to make 3 1/2 inch squares. Usually we go straight to the block kits, but it seemed to me that maybe we could minimize some of the unevenness of blocks pieced by many different people by sewing all the HSTs together first.

Once all the finished triangle quilts come back, then I'll put together the block kits. These are 9 inch blocks, so we need 72 (I think - I don't have the stats in front of me right now) blocks for the quilt, but we will try to eke out an extra 12 to use for pillow shams. I think we should have enough fabric for that.

Because these blocks are all alike and set on point, my goal is to start piecing the quilt as the blocks come in. We'll see how that works out because I tend to be a procrastinator. Once the quilt top is totally assembled, we will, of course, move on to marking, layering and many afternoons and evenings of hand quilting in my beautiful finished basement. (And, hopefully, it will be beautifully organized by then!