Monday, March 12, 2012

Making a Group Quilt, Part 5 - Assembling the Quilt Top

Once most or all of the blocks* have been collected, it is, of course, time to assemble the quilt top. Most years this has been done by me just because it is easier that way. One year someone else took pity on me and assembled it because I was frantically trying to complete the quilt which then morphed into the Big WIP in the basement. A couple of the other years, including this year, people have volunteered to sew some of the rows together and I have completed the assembly. That has speeded things up a bit!

Yes, this is apparently my shortest post in this series. Lucky you!

*One thing I have learned over the years is that it is always a good idea to make extra blocks. I usually get all of the blocks back, but just in case... These extra blocks can then be used to make pillow shams (we have our church's Pillow Sham Expert, Barb) or pillows to add extra value for the quilt purchaser or as extra auction items.