Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making a Group Quilt, Part 8 - Finishing

Now that we've not bled on the quilt and we've done various happy dances of celebration, we are ready to finish this quilt. And, of course, we start with the binding. Usually, by this point, we have had a day or two when there was less space to work at the quilt than people there to work. When that happens, I start sewing together and pressing the binding. Once we have double checked the quilt to make sure that we really quilted everything, I do the machine part of the binding. Then we get together at church where we can lay the quilt out on some tables and whip stitch the back. There are usually enough of us that it only takes about an hour to stitch a queen-sized binding. 

Yes, our quilts get labels. The ladies who planned the quilt before we took over, each signed a piece of muslin and one of the ladies embroidered the names in addition to putting the name and date of the quilt on the label. We can't do that because so many different people work on our quilts at various stages of the process that we would probably have to make at least half of the back a label! So we print out a label that says the name of the quilt, the date and that it was pieced and quilted by the CCBC Quilters. The person who wins the quilt at auction then also receives a sheet of paper that lists the names of all the people who worked on the quilt.

And that concludes our sessions on making a group quilt. I hope that this has been somewhat helpful to someone somewhere sometime!