Thursday, May 17, 2012

Megan's & Madison's Woven Double Wedding Ring

The neverending hand quilting project ended and was delivered about a month ago. Then it was full speed ahead on the paper pieced quilt for my niece and her fiance. (Just for the record, I do not recommend that your first paper pieced project include 256 paper pieced sections, most having seven different areas to cover.)

The first 32 sections looked something like this (with variations in color placement):

The remaining 224 sections looked like this (with variations in color placement):

This quilt turned out far scrappier than I had intended because of a math error. The original pattern (Woven Double Wedding Ring by Paper Panache) was 40" x 40" and I wanted to make an 80" x 80" quilt so it would at least cover the top of their queen sized bed. My big math error was forgetting that in doubling the size of the length and width was quadrupling the area. So, instead of doubling the fabric amounts, I should have quadrupled them. So I had to make a few trips back to the quilt store to get more fabric. It is dangerous to walk into the batik section!

Here is how the quilt looked over my railing at home:

And here is the lovely bride examining it closely (yes, we are in a warehouse for a production company where my nephew-to-be works):

 And here is the full quilt being supported by the bride and groom quilt rack!