Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Big Problem

Maybe I am just spoiled because the last quilt I assembled was the paper pieced wedding quilt for my niece. Maybe I have just forgotten how this works because last year's church quilt came already assembled except for the borders. Or maybe at my advanced age I just forget things. Whatever the case, I recently ran into a problem I am well acquainted with while completing the church's quilt top. I thought I might mention it here.

The above, in case you don't remember, is what this year's quilt blocks look like. Each block is made up of HST units and one square. In an effort to minimize the effect of possibly differing seam allowances because so many people are involved, I sewed all of the HSTs into units. Most of the blocks came back really close to the correct size. I was glad.

One young friend offered to sew together some rows of blocks since she hadn't gotten to me in time to get some blocks to assemble. Since the blocks are being set on point, the rows are differing lengths. She sewed together a row of three blocks, a row of five blocks, a row of seven blocks, a row of nine blocks and a row of eleven blocks. I was very excited! That was basically half the quilt top. I added the setting squares and the row of one square and started sewing them together. 

All went very well until I sewed together the second row of eleven and then started to sew that row to the other rows. My row was quite a bit longer than the other row of eleven. A lot. So I started measuring and found out that some seam allowances were just a little too large on some of the rows. Sigh. We all know what that means. Unsewing. Sigh.

This is part of the reason I haven't felt much like going downstairs to quilt. I know that I need to do this (and I've had lovely offers to help with the unsewing), and it is just not inspiring. I also need to finish the studio reorg before Saturday. 

Tomorrow (or maybe later today).