Monday, June 25, 2012

Discovering an Old Friend

I'm so sorry! Yes, it has been way too long. I have no excuse for it, but I just haven't done much of anything. I think I had burn out from the quilting sweatshop days followed by exhaustion from the vacation. Whatever it was, I really haven't done much blogworthy - certainly not anything quilty.

But I have done a bit of reading. That has been fun and brings me to the topic of this post. (To provide you with full disclosure, all links in this post are through my affiliate program.)

As part of our trip, we visited Charleston, SC, which I have wanted to visit since I was a teenager and read (and re-read) Gwen Bristow's book Celia Garth Celia Garth in: 0px !important;" width="1" />. For those of you who have never read it, it is a historical novel/romance which takes place in Charleston near the end of the Revolutionary War. As a teenaged girl, I loved that book and wanted to visit Charleston. Luckily for me, some friends of ours moved to Charleston, so we had an excuse to stop by there on our trip. We had a lovely visit and tour of the city, which, of course, made me want to read Celia Garth again. I really didn't expect to find a copy, but apparently there is a series of Rediscovered Classics published by Chicago Review Press, which reissued this book. I am currently reading it and loving it. It is an engaging book, even to a grown up old person like me.

One of the most fun parts of reading this is that I became re-acquainted with a character whom I had mistakenly attributed to another book, one whose title I can't even recall. Anyway, as I was reading yesterday, I was thrilled to find Darren and the scene I so vividly remembered (except, of course, for attributing it to the wrong historical romance) in this book.

What was so special about this character? When asked if he doesn't want to be something other than what he is or do something really special, he replies that he is an appreciator, someone who is able to appreciate all the things that other people do. Since reading that in junior high or high school, I have often thought that that describes me, so that character stuck with me very well. And I was thrilled to find him again.

Tomorrow, a list of other fun historical romances, in case you are interested in some light summer reading.