Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Other Thing I Learned

One more non-quilty thing that I learned on this vacation, and then it is back to quilting, I promise!

You know those shoes that supposedly exercise your legs and other parts of your body when you wear them. Well, I have two pairs of New Balance shoes that do that. I broke them in gradually, like the instructions said. And for the last several months I've been wearing them around all day without ever noticing anything. I figured they weren't doing much, if anything, but they were comfortable so I took them to Disney World as my walking shoes.

Apparently I don't walk enough around here to notice all the work my shoes are doing because I sure noticed it at Disney World! After three or four days of wearing them, I must have had the firmest behind of any person my new age around. (Not really, it just felt like it.)

Now, of course, I'm back at home and not walking as much (or even wearing shoes as much). Sigh.