Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things I Do to Avoid Sewing the Church Quilt

As I may have mentioned (or not), two very special ladies helped me do the necessary unsewing on the church quilt so that I could really sew the top together. Theoretically that means I should be rushing to get that done so we can mark, layer and - the fun part - quilt the thing. You'd think that, right? Yeah, you'd be wrong. And I blame it on the Fat Quarter Shop. Yep, it is all the fault of the various Designer Mystery BOMs.

First, I want to get the 2009 DMBOM quilted so I started loading it onto the frame, which requires marking it. At least, I have the backing on the frame. I changed how I want to quilt the borders, so I am remarking (amid other things).

You may remember my new plan to put together the 2011 and 2012 DMBOMs simultaneously as each of the 2012  blocks come in. Well, Block Two came in this week and I hadn't even cut out the Block Ones! Horrors! 

So I did:

No sewing yet, but I did mark all pieces for hand piecing and may start tonight. Which would mean I won't be downstairs using my machine (or marking the 2009!). How bad am I?