Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yes, I am currently in Grand Rapids at the AQS Quilt Show. Yes, I have taken pictures. So many today, in fact, that I used up my camera battery and my phone battery. Of course, the camera wasn't fully charged to start with, but still...

I will not, of course, be showing you all of the pictures. Certainly not tonight anyway. It has been a long day. Mostly I looked at all the quilts and as many of the vendors as I could fit in before lectures by Alex Anderson and Caryl Bryer Fallert. I am exhausted.

The first quilts I encountered were from the AQS Authors exhibit. Here are a couple of those:

Below is MIEC Remembered by Barbara Burnham from Baltimore Garden Quilt.

Below is International Sunbonnet Sue by Dr. Debra Kimball from International Sunbonnet Sue.

Below is Illusion #2 by Caryl Breyer Fallert from Quilt Savvy: Fallert/Guide to Images on Fabric.

Below is a quilt from the book Clowns on Parade by Cathy Wiggins but I'm afraid I can't make out the exact title of the quilt itself.

Below is Card Trick by Pat Yamin from Two Patch Scrap Quilts.

Even enlarged I can't make out the information on this quilt and the author quilts aren't listed in the show book. I will try to find out tomorrow and correct this post.

We will end here with one I first saw at the 2011 Paducah show, The Loading Dock by Mary Buvia. It is still gorgeous!