Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Finishes This Quarter!

Sigh. My original plan had been three finishes for this quarter. (You can find my post on this subject here.)

One of those was the second guest bedroom quilt, which we have discussed here already. Obviously that will not be finished by the first of October, which happens to be tomorrow.

The second of those was also a bed sized quilt - the American Beauty BOM. I have made no progress on that. Maybe I'm just not motivated at all. Sigh.

The third one should really be done. It was small and all it needed was layering, quilting, and binding.

This table runner is made from three of the blocks from the 120 Block project. 

The table runner is currently missing. I was sure I knew exactly where it was. Thursday, thinking I could probably get this done fairly quickly and have at least one finish, I went downstairs to find it and get it layered to quilt on Friday or Saturday. It wasn't where I've thought it was for months! I looked around and still haven't found it. I can't even imagine where it could be that I haven't looked. Sigh. 

So no finishes this time.