Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update on Time Usage

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know this, but the quilting decision never had to be made. My husband's computer needed some updating and maintenance which ended up taking up most of Friday afternoon (after my tea and books meet up with some friends at Barnes and Noble, that is).

Saturday was already a busy day, although I did get in some (20 minutes) of hand quilting on my quilt. Sunday did actually have a couple of hours of quilting time in the studio (hand quilting on my quilt again) and some hand piecing while watching "Once Upon a Time." Yesterday was a scheduled quilting day for the church quilt, so that got some significant time. Today - nothing but a few minutes of fabric cutting for a Christmas gift. But tomorrow...

Unless plans change tomorrow, my husband is driving his Mom a couple of hours away to see her grandson, his fiance and their little girl who are visiting from Arizona. Plans have my husband driving away around 9. Not sure if he will get back to the house before I have to leave to run errands and go to church, so I have plans. (Of course, those are MY plans so who knows how well they will be followed.

Starting about 10 (after a trip to Tim Horton's and the library to pick up some items being held for me), I will work on cutting out the rest of the Christmas gift quilt. Then I will move on to assembling (as much as possible) the Checkerboard Rail Fence quilt. Of course, some podcasters will be helping me - I am so far behind in my podcast listening!

At about 12:30, I'll take a break to read and have a small snack.

Sometime between 1:00 and 1:30, I will head downstairs for more work. First, I'll work on hand quilting my quilt. Then some more Checkerboard Rail Fence assembly. And some more cutting I'm sure.

That will conclude the quilting for the day, but it sounds like a good one, no? Maybe tomorrow evening I'll have some pictures to post. That would be a great change of pace!