Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update on the Update

First, the confession: I started an hour later than originally planned. (Who didn't see that coming?) First, my husband left later than planned by about 20 minutes. (I repeat, who didn't see that coming?) Then I remembered that I had forgotten to allow for a shower, so...I left later than planned to run errands.

Once I started, I cut out the remaining fabrics for the Christmas Gift. I even cut out some extra fabrics so that I can play with it until I'm happy with it. No pictures though, because it is a Christmas gift.

Since I started late and pressing was involved a bit, that's as far as I got by my planned break time. Sigh.

After the break I assembled two more rows of the Guest Bed Quilt and attached the first four rows together. And, yes, I have a picture!

Note that what you see is the width of the quilt going up (or down, depending on where you are standing, I guess) the stairs. There will be a total of 13 rows when it is completed.

Apparently I quilt much more slowly than I thought, because that is all I got done in my allotted quilting time. (I keep telling myself that it is because of the pressing that I forgot to plan for, but I don't really believe it.) No hand quilting got done, but that's okay because today is a church quilting day and there will be plenty of hand quilting happening. Just not on my quilt.

Yesterday's moment of triumph: Before sewing the first long seam, I decided to check the bobbin because I thought it might be getting low. There was about three inches (maybe even less) on the bobbin.