Thursday, October 18, 2012


I just looked at the stats for this blog and the Quilter's ADD post has had 201 pageviews as of right now! That is a new record for me and I am shocked.

So, with that posted, what have I been working on this week. Well, I sewed some of the blocks to the Checkerboard Quilt so that two rows are sewed together. I cut some fabric for Christmas gifts. I washed some fat quarters and fat eighths. I worked a little on my own hand quilting project, and I worked a lot on the church quilt!

The scary part is that I now have my two Kate Spain jelly rolls (Cuzco and Good Fortune) and I keep staring at them and wanting to run downstairs and start a jelly roll race quilt so that I can then turn it into a quilt like Jaye's (see previous post). I need some self control here. Really. Honestly.