Friday, November 2, 2012

It Just Keeps Coming

Over the last week or so, fabric keeps arriving at my home! Look!

What is the excuse for all this? I keep having ideas. Not a good excuse and I must stop, but...

In the first picture, the blue batiks are all there because they were on sale and I collect them. Some day soon I will use them. (Seriously, how can you ever have too many blue batiks?) The cream Fairy Frost is there because it was on sale and, as anyone who reads this blog knows, Fairy Frost is my favorite neutral. The neutral batiks are there because they were on sale and neutral batiks are often hard to find. The Spa jelly roll was an impulse buy. (True confession: They were all impulse buys caused by a sale.) I am thinking of experimenting with using Jelly Roll Race quilt tops as fabric to cut up into pieces for other projects, thanks to Jaye's Renewed Jelly Roll Race quilt. If I'm to be really truthful though, I think a Spa Jelly Roll Race quilt will actually grace my living room couch once it is done. 

In the second picture are some charm packs (not technically on sale but purchased on eBay so the price was much less than one might expect) because I am planning to try some small Scnibbles patterns soon (AKA after the Christmas rush). The two colorways of Rainbow jelly rolls probably won't make Jelly Roll Race quilts, but I'm pretty sure they will look gorgeous in paper pieced Mariner's compass quilts. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!