Friday, August 28, 2015

Grandma's Jewelry for the grandchildren only

Long view of #2
2. Grapey Cross

3. St. Christopher Medal

4. Gold Cross

5. Very Small Amber Cross

6. Small Cross Pin

7. Another Gold Cross

8. Sailor Pin

9. Amber Pear

11. Weird Amber Pin

13. May be amber earrings

14. 2 apples, one may be amber

16. Probably Amber Ear Rings

19. Probably not amber ear rings

FYI if you get some amber

20. Tiger Eye Pendant

22. Bamboo Jade pin #!

23. Triangle of Jade and something else (at least I think it is jade)

24. Circle pin with jade beads

25. May be carved jade or plastic

26. Jade Bamboo PIn #2

28. Jade leaf earrings

29. Jade bird

30. I am pretty sure this is not jade, but I could be wrong. It's a pin.

31. This could be plastic or malachite, I think.

32. Might be a turquoise necklace

33. Bluish green stones or glass pin

35. Rose Pin #1

36. Plastic Madonna PIn

37. Butterfly pin with some kind of stone

38. White enameled flowers

39. Mosaic pin #1

40. Red Roses Pin

42. Tiny Angel Pin. Sort of diamond looking.

43. Pink Pin

45. Tiny Angel with Shamrock Pin.

46. Rose Stick Pin

49. Tiger Eye Pin

50. Mosaic Pin #2

51. Glitzy Flag Pin

52. Lace Owl Pin

53. Tiny Canada Pin

54. 5 Pearls Pin (Most likely not real pearls.

55. White bird pin

56. Another Cross

57. Very old pin with flowers

58. Circle of not diamonds (At least I'm pretty sure they're not.)

60. Dried Flowers Stick Pin

61. Cardinal Pin

62. Enameled flower pin.

63. Mosaic Pin #3

64. Madonna Pin #2

65. Nativity Pin

66. Pearl (may not be real) hair pin

68. Disciple of life pin

69. Fairly large angel pin in a box

70. Cubic Zirconia

71. Faux pearl drop necklace

72. Leaf necklace

76. Tiny cameo necklace

78. Cameo with matching ear rings

79. Cameos that fell off something

81. Lightweight Big Ring Necklace

82. Pearl pin (may be real)

85. Orchid pin.

86. Niagara Falls bracelet

87. Necklace with flat front

88. Pin with tiny turquoises (maybe)

89. Golden wire earrings

90. Watch, may work if battery added

92. Rose pin with green leaves

93. Purple & white stone pin (may be amethysts)

94. Angel Pin

95. Amber pear and leaves pin

96. Elephant pin, probably ivory

97. Rose pin, may be ivory

98. Ship pin, may be scrimshaw

99. Rose ear rings may be ivory

100. Round pin

101. The only pierced ear rings in the bunch.

102. Round ear rings

102. Double star ear rings

103. Chinese looking ear rings

104. Ear rings that look like (and may be) pearls

105. Probably abalone shell ear rings

106. Rhinestone looking ear rings

107. Pearl looking ear rings

108. Ear rings with fake diamond

109. Ambe looking bead ear rings

110. Pink flower ear rings

111. Pearl looking (or real) ear rings

112. Roses & leaves ear rings

113. Cameo ear rings

114. Mosaic ear rings

115. Some kind of bracelet that helps with arthritis

116. These two pictures are the outside and then inside of a compact.

117. Heavy pink stoned bracelet. Broken maybe. Or I don't get how it works.

119. Bracelet. May be some jade and other stones.

120. Fake or real tiny shell necklace

121. Heavy glass bead necklace

122. Various stones, long necklace

125. Petit Point pin.

127. Madonna & child pin

128. Owl pin

129. Another Amber Apple pin

130. Black painted flower pin

132. Another rose pin.

135. Kitty pin

137. Another watch that may just need a battery.

138. Yellow painted pin

139. Teeny (about an inch) enameled box

140. Kilt pin.

141. Last mosaic pin